1 Question That Will Transform Your Relationships

Most people crave joyful, intimate, loving and lasting connection with their partner. What’s more beautiful and fulfilling than love. And not just “love,” but deep, connected, sweet, purposeful love

If you’re in a romantic relationship that you’d love to see continue to thrive, grow and deepen, I invite you to ask yourself (and your partner) this powerful and truly transformational question … 

What’s the purpose of our relationship?

Often times when we hear the word purpose, it’s related to our career ambitions, not our relationships. Having a purpose for your romantic relationship is a way to create space for a greater Vision, that will lead to experiencing even more connection, synergy and connection. 

Take a moment to just feel the question. Notice how it feels in your body. What sensations arise when you ask yourself this question. You may be feeling a great sense of relief, knowing that you and your partner have had this discussion and are living your relationships purpose together. On the flip side, you may be feeling nervous about not knowing what the purpose of your relationship is. If that’s you – don’t worry – this is a perfect opportunity for you to create space to answer the question and create a new Vision for your relationship. 

This question will allow you and your partner to create your shared purpose and goal together, a practice that can only lead to beautiful things. You may find that your purpose comes to mind quickly or you may have some soul searching to do. Either way it’s perfect and the answer will arise in divine timing. 

 So think for a moment about a relationship you’re currently in (romantic or otherwise) and ask yourself “what’s the purpose of this relationship?” Think about the way this relationship makes you feel, the value it adds to your life, how it launches you towards your desires or holds you back. Notice without judging anything. Notice just to create awareness and presence with what currently is. 

Now take a moment to think about how this relationship could grow, deepen and evolve in the future. What’s the Vision you’re holding for this relationship? How could it get even better? How could it feel even more aligned with the desires you hold for your life. Ask yourself, have I shared this Vision with the other person? If your answer is yes – well done. Celebrate your devotion to sharing and truth-telling. If you haven’t shared this Vision with the other person, think of how wonderful you’ll feel once you do. 

Envisioning, creating and expressing the purpose for your relationship(s) is a practice that will pay you back for years and years to come, as it will create deeper levels of understanding and connection that leads to longer and more fulfilling relationships. This question if you allow it to will completely transform the way you look at, feel and experience your relationships. Enjoy the discovery and practice! 

Anchor your learning in using this Mantra – My relationships become even more joyful, peaceful and fulfilling with each passing moment. 

Chelsea Markel is an Entrepreneur, Fitness Instructor, Marketing & Branding Consultant, Coach, Foodie and Lover of Life! Chelsea began her personal development journey back in 2009 - studying from industry leaders and participating in powerful and life changing programs. Chelsea started her coaching business at the young age of 15 and successfully grew her client base to reach people in places all over the world, like London, Canada, Brazil and more. Chelsea is now a Co-Founder of Thrive Life Media, a company committed to delivering conscious and uplifting content that helps people live better lives. She's passionate about sharing her journey with YOU, so you can be even more fulfilled and in love with yourself and your life.

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