10 Ways To Shine Bright And Stand OUT In A Crowd

No matter who you are or what you do, you have a light to shine. By being someone that’s got their light turned on bright for all to see, you become a person that inspires, uplifts and enlightens others. Each person has an inner glow that is only uniquely theirs to share with the world. When this glow is shared it creates ripples of authenticity, love and joy in the world. Shining your light not only heals the world, but it also makes you stand out from the crowd. This is a light that will help you to thrive in your business, relationships, health and so much more. 

Here are ten powerful ways to shine your light bright and truly become unforgettable, no matter where you go or who you’re with: 

1. Focus on the good in others. It’s a simple thought that packs a powerful punch. Choose to be a person who stays away from the drama and gossip. You’ll find people trust you more and you will have less nonsense in your relationships. Focus on what you love about that person and what’s inspiring about them. It’s a MUCH better use of your precious time and energy.

2. Share from a space of love. Before speaking to someone, engage your heart and share from a space of love. The person you’re talking to will instantly feel the difference and will most likely be even more attracted to your energy and whatever it is that you’re sharing. Instead of sharing to gain attention or acceptance, share because you have loving intent and something to uplift the other. 

3. Bring levity with you. Be the person that when you walk into a room the energy and vibration rises. The more you can uplift and bring lightheartedness to the table, the more people will want to be around you. Doesn’t it feel so amazing to communicate with someone that’s cheerful and relaxed, than someone that has a serious agenda. When you can bring levity with you wherever you go, people will remember you and want you to join them for fun, enjoyable experiences. 

4. Use powerful body language. Walk into a room with your shoulders back, chin up, smiling from your heart and walking with power and purpose. Your body language is everything. The more you can show confidence and passion through the way you move your body, the more people will perceive you to be that way. 

5. Beam positive vibrations. Share your positive thoughts and vibrations with those around you. Show it in the way you listen to others speak and the way you greet people. Focus on putting out a vibration of joy and happiness. By blessing others with positivity, you bless yourself. The more you can focus on this positive energy, the more you will find others doing the same for you. 

6. Communicate with passion. When you choose to communicate, whether it be one-on-one or to an entire group of friends, speak with passion. You can do this through your body language, the words you choose to use, the energy behind your voice and more. When you communicate with passion, people become attracted to you and want to learn more about who you are and what you do. Successful people know that to enroll others in something (could be a particular dinner spot or business decision), you must be passionate. It’s something that will set you a part from the rest and allow people to remember you even more easily. 

7. Be present. Can’t you feel when someone is just half engaged in a conversation? Being present is a gift you give to yourself and others. This is a simple and powerful tool to build connections, nurture relationships and form a deeper bond with people. If you can bring your A game in presence, people will regard you as being engaged, a great listener and even more trustworthy. By being fully present to the moment, you allow the other person to feel seen and heard in a way that distinguishes you from the rest in a very meaningful and positive way. 

8. Open your heart and your mind. Having an open heart and open mind is something that most people can instantly feel from you. It’s both sexy and desired when meeting new people and building connections. The more open you can be, the more you will grow, learn and attract others. 

9. Love your radiance. When you love and appreciate your radiance, it shines so much more brightly. People can feel it when you have full-body acceptance, love and appreciation. It’s a quality you can’t fake. Don’t you agree that there’s just something about people who radiant love and light that makes you want to get to know them and learn their secret sauce. Be that person. It feels good. It looks good. And it leaves a beautiful imprint on the people you interact with. 

10. Expect magic. Enter every situation expecting magic to unfold. When you expect magic, you will find it everywhere you go. By being a person that expects magic, you end up bringing the magic with you. People will feel this energy from you and want to learn more. You will become a magnet for positive people and situations to flood your life. Being something that expects magic brings your life to a new level and will shine bright for those around you to witness and become inspired by. 

In moments that you need a reminder, use this mantra: The more I shine brightly, the more beautiful the world becomes. 

Chelsea Markel is an Entrepreneur, Fitness Instructor, Marketing & Branding Consultant, Coach, Foodie and Lover of Life! Chelsea began her personal development journey back in 2009 - studying from industry leaders and participating in powerful and life changing programs. Chelsea started her coaching business at the young age of 15 and successfully grew her client base to reach people in places all over the world, like London, Canada, Brazil and more. Chelsea is now a Co-Founder of Thrive Life Media, a company committed to delivering conscious and uplifting content that helps people live better lives. She's passionate about sharing her journey with YOU, so you can be even more fulfilled and in love with yourself and your life.