Conscious Parenting

3 Essential Tips For Conscious Parents

Take a moment and ask yourself honestly … What are the top 3 words you would use to describe being a new parent? “Rewarding? exciting, inspiring?” Or maybe “frustrating, intimidating, exhausting?”

In an endless world of books, articles, CDs, DVDs, podcasts, and constant streaming opinions on social media, it’s easy to get caught up in the ongoing questions: “Am I doing it right?” or “Am I a good enough parent?” or “Are they doing it better than me?”

In the last 9 (mostly) blissful months I’ve experienced as a new Mom, I am constantly asking myself these questions, and many more.

I know for me, after a perfect cup of coffee, and getting the Lil Guy down seamlessly for his afternoon nap, I’m able to reflect on myself as a parent that I can be proud of. I’m able to describe, “this parenting thing” as doable!

If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that we are doing our best. We may not always feel that way, and we may spend more time focusing on mistakes or ‘imperfect’ moments, but I promise you, you’re not messing it up!

No matter what your day or week looked like, or better yet, felt like, you ABSOLUTELY can feel proud of yourself as a parent. Use these three tips to do just that … 

#1: Pick 3 Reasons To Be Proud Of Yourself

Take a moment now and pick 3 reasons you can be proud of yourself as a parent! Maybe you got all of the stains out of that favorite romper your baby pooped through! Maybe you actually remembered (before you left the house,) to refill your empty diaper bag with wipes and diapers.

Maybe you simply got that unsolicited, ear to ear smile from your Baby that sent your hand directly to your heart, turning your insides into mush.

#2: Celebrate Your Little Wins

If you take the time daily to remark on all of the reasons you’re a wonderful mom or dad, you’ll find you have so much more to be proud of than you realize! Being someone’s parent is SO hard, but also so, so rewarding. It doesn’t matter how you describe parenting. It matters that you realize, there’s no wrong way to do your best at it! If at the end of the day your baby is fed, clothed, and sheltered, you’re doing a fabulous job at this parenting thing thus far.

#3: Give yourself a break

Parenthood is an ever-evolving roller coaster. There is no rule book or perfect answer to every uncertainty. Every experience we have with our little ones will shape us in some way that we’ll benefit from-even if it’s hard to see at the time. So take the time at the end of the day, or during your lunch break, or if you’re a work at home parent, during that blessed break time we like to call “nap time,” to tell yourself a few ways you succeeded today as a Mom or a Dad. I guarantee you’ve had at least 3 you’ve overlooked.

BONUS: To remind yourself of these three tips, add this Mantra into your daily practice: I did an AMAZING job today as a parent. Enjoy every moment, life is beautiful and oh so precious! 

Dana Dovberg is a proud first time Mom to a 9 month old baby boy. Though she's new to motherhood, she has felt like a Mom for as long as she can remember. She has an extensive background (almost 16 years) working with children of all ages. She's taught at schools, camps & mommy-and-me classes. Currently, she leads birthday parties through her self-owned entertainment business for children, ‘Silly Time Parties!,’ while working for more than 6 years as a Nanny. She strives to help children develop high self esteem & realize their highest potential. She believes deeply that every child has unique skills & talents to offer, & when properly fostered, they can utilize these gifts as they grow. She believes firmly that kids grow up to be happy & thriving adults when they are loved & nurtured through acknowledgement, love-based discipline, and the freedom to play, create, and be silly! Contributing to the lives of children has been her greatest passion, and she's thrilled that she gets to be a Mommy with her own son all day, while going to work as a Nanny, making an impact to 2 other great kids.