4 Fun Ways to Deepen Your Intimacy

Isn’t love delicious? Deepening connection, intimacy and playfulness are key ingredients to setting your relationship up to thrive. Have you ever wondered how you can initiate even more intimacy with your partner in a way that’s exciting and easy to act on?

Let’s admit it: It can often be scary to shine a light on the areas within your relationship where growth can take place. But we can probably both agree that having a truly passionate and deep connection with your partner takes conscious attention and presence.

Deepening intimacy with your partner doesn’t have to be scary or nerve racking, it can be fun, playful and simple. There are four ways to go deeper and create even more connection with your lover that anyone can try on for size.

Tip #1: Do something fun and playful together.

What’s better than being playful with your partner? Being in a state of giddy excitement can act as a slingshot into deeper levels of intimacy. The more playful you can be together, the more you’ll open and joyful you’ll be. So what’s something you can both do together that’s fun and playful? You can do anything – go for a hike, ride bicycles down the coast, make homemade ice cream – whatever it is, choose something that unlocks your silly, playful side.   

Tip #2: Find out what their love language is.

Have you ever had anyone ask you what’s your love language? Simply, your love language is the way you want to be emotionally communicated with. There’s an assessment you can take online to find out which of the five love languages you have as your number one. This tool is an incredible way to better understand how your partner prefers to be communicated with, and likewise, it’s a way to share your preferences in a non-threatening and easy to understand way. You may realize that your partner’s love language is acts of service – things like having the house clean, laundry put away neatly, a backrub after a long day at the office – but you have been thinking it was touch … so there’s been an important disconnect that you can now shift! Once you know how your partner craves to be loved, you can adjust and do little things to support those preferences. Simple way to deepen intimacy through communication and mutual understanding of each other’s wants and needs.

Tip #3: Pick a challenge to take on as a team.

Having a shared goal and/or commitment to accomplish something is an amazing way to deepen intimacy and connection. When you work with your partner towards a common vision and intention, you’ll experience higher levels of togetherness and even at times accountability. This invites you to hold your partner to being their best self and complete what they start. Trust, togetherness and intimacy will deepen as you complete a challenge together and hold each other to keeping your word and integrity. This is a powerful way to both encourage and support your partner, and yourself! Perhaps you both commit to doing 21 days of meditation before work or working out together five times a week – you can’t mess this one up – pick something that will be challenging AND rewarding to complete.

Tip #4: Learn something new and practice with each other.

Have you always wanted to learn how to make pasta from scratch? Or how about learning to salsa dance? Learning something new with your partner can be uber sexy. Find something you’d both love to learn and go for it. Attend a sushi making class, dance class or even hypnosis workshop. Both being beginners is the perfect opportunity to learn and practice together. Think of it as an invitation to be open and curious with your partner. Who knows what it could lead to… maybe one of you can play teacher and the other the student! Just have fun with it and enjoy the process of learning something new together.

The common thread in all four of these intimacy deepening tips is to grow together. The more your relationship grows, the more intimacy, connection and passion you’ll create. One of the best things you can do in your relationship is to grow, learn and play together. Get excited to enjoy the natural progression towards deeper intimacy and joy with your lover as you continue to learn about one another and find new ways to be curious together. 

Chelsea Markel is an Entrepreneur, Fitness Instructor, Marketing & Branding Consultant, Coach, Foodie and Lover of Life! Chelsea began her personal development journey back in 2009 - studying from industry leaders and participating in powerful and life changing programs. Chelsea started her coaching business at the young age of 15 and successfully grew her client base to reach people in places all over the world, like London, Canada, Brazil and more. Chelsea is now a Co-Founder of Thrive Life Media, a company committed to delivering conscious and uplifting content that helps people live better lives. She's passionate about sharing her journey with YOU, so you can be even more fulfilled and in love with yourself and your life.