4 Things Your Woman Really Wants You To Know

Want to experience even more intimacy, passion and connection with your lover? If you’re in a relationship that’s committed to growth and honoring, I’d imagine your answer is a hell yes! Get excited because you’re about to learn four things that your woman really wants you to know. She may have let you in on these little secrets before. Or maybe she hasn’t with the hope that you would just figure it out! You shouldn’t be expected to be a mind-reader, so here are four important things your woman definitely wants you to know. 

#1 – She Craves Your Presence

This is a key ingredient to nourishing your intimate relationship with your partner. When you bring your presence to your partner (and to really any person that you’re communicating with), it invites even more authentic, intimate conversations. Being present is a gift that you give and it’s a choice that you make. By giving your presence and attention to your woman, you show that you’re open to connect and sync-up. Without the time to truly connect and be present with one another, how can you really tune into each others energy and desires?

Make presence simple for yourself. Do something small but meaningful once a day to offer your love your presence and attention. This could be giving her a long and delicious kiss before you leave for work (instead of a quickie kiss as you run out the door). You can also carve out two minutes after dinner to ask her something she experienced during the day and actually listen (this means not looking at your phone or doing something else while she’s answering). These are simple and meaningful ways to give your presence and deepen intimacy. She wants it, even if she hasn’t expressed it in this way. Your relationship will evolve and grow just from this one tip alone. 

#2 – It’s Sexy When You Keep Your Word

Your woman loves when you keep your word. It’s sexy. It simply means you can be trusted. It means she can relax even more knowing that your word is meaningful and unwavering. From experience I know how amazing it feels to both see and feel the integrity between my man’s words and actions – honestly there’s nothing quite like it. This may seem like a small piece of the puzzle, but I encourage you to imagine how incredible it will feel, not just for your partner, but for YOU to keep your word and live in a space of integrity. When your words are in alignment with your actions you’ll notice your woman will experience a new (and much needed) state of bliss, relaxation and trust for you. 

When you keep your word, your woman will be joyful and you will experience happiness and fulfillment like never before. Enjoy that! 

#3 – She Wants You To Shine

Your woman, if she’s a superior woman, wants to see you thrive and living your purpose. David Deida, Intimacy Expert and Author of The Way of the Superior Man, describes it like this: 

“The most loving women are the women who will test you the most. She wants you to be your fullest, most magnificent self. She won’t settle for anything less. She knows it is true of you. She knows in your deepest heart you are free, you are Shiva. Anything less than that she will torment. And, as you know, she’s quite good at it.” 

Your lady wants to see you standing in your power and on your path. If she’s challenging you, it’s probably to help you be your best self. This piece is truly a relationship game changer!

#4 – Gentle Touch Fills Her Up

Oh this is a big one. For most women, touch is a key ingredient to intimacy and connection. Not only does it feel amazing to be held by the person we love, but it’s also highly beneficial to your partners health. Did you know that holding hands actually decreases stress? That’s right, gentle touch – like holding hands – leads to less stress activity in the brain and leads to feelings of relaxation and intimacy.

Try these creative and gentle ways to touch your woman: 

  • Play with her hair: Give it a twirl and slowly run your fingers through it. It’s super relaxing and feels ridiculously good!
  • Grab some oil and give her a hand massage: Especially after a day at work, having a few minutes of hand rubbing is the perfect recipe for feeling connected and appreciated. She’ll love to feel your hands in hers and will really appreciate the care for an important body part.
  • Kiss her neck: One long and tender kiss on the neck goes a long way. It’s such a turn on to be kissed in such a sensitive area. The slower the better! 

These four things are gold to any guy that wants to create an even deeper connection with his lover. Trust me, give one a try and you’ll instantly reap the benefits! 

Chelsea Markel is an Entrepreneur, Fitness Instructor, Marketing & Branding Consultant, Coach, Foodie and Lover of Life! Chelsea began her personal development journey back in 2009 - studying from industry leaders and participating in powerful and life changing programs. Chelsea started her coaching business at the young age of 15 and successfully grew her client base to reach people in places all over the world, like London, Canada, Brazil and more. Chelsea is now a Co-Founder of Thrive Life Media, a company committed to delivering conscious and uplifting content that helps people live better lives. She's passionate about sharing her journey with YOU, so you can be even more fulfilled and in love with yourself and your life.